First of all, thank you for accepting the invitation to hear sounds that may not have passed your way or that may give you pause to revisit warm, old haunts from sessions past. I know you probably won’t love everything you hear on these posts, but hopefully one or more of the following links will help lead you on your own sonic exploration. Because for me, music is a series of transits with neither beginning or end… just an unsatisfied sense that the sounds you’re truly looking for are just around the next corner, sounds heard in an unconventional way, under unique circumstances for no other reason than the sense of discovery.

But how does one express the first tentative steps to someone who has never taken that quest? Would a brief overview of personal favorites provide the necessary signposts for journeys to come, or should there be a linear delving into the individual genres hinted at above in this blog’s tag-line, and should it be necessary to provide the technical specifications that composers use to fashion their visions? After long and deliberate deliberation, I’ve decided to approach this endeavor in much the same manner with which I’ve come to appreciate the great interactive community of musical composers and the network of promoters and labels that help it take flight, by following the threads that tie many of these experimental artists together and to allow room for each reader to interpret their own sounds. Less review and more an offer to listen, each post will be a brief hint at what has recently been released within the reach of my gravitational pull and, more often than not, being freely offered by those creating and releasing it. As many of you know, I’ve long been an advocate of Creative Commons licensing and the countless netlabels that release astonishing music under those terms and this journey will feature many of those labels, as well as band and composers’ personal websites, Soundcloud and/or Bandcamp pages and maybe an occasional link to one of the many blogs I follow that paints a more poetic portrait of the aural experience in question than I ever could.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. “But how does one express the first tentative steps to someone who has never taken that quest? ”

    i am investigating this inquiry, myself. There are so many angles on each piece of music that comes out. It is clear that every album, every release, every upload, has worlds behind it, and if no one bothers to investigate further, its all just elevator muzak. Music means more to me than that, a gateway to visions, to thoughts unthunk, to new traditions and philosophies and geographical locations. Slivers of live, encoded in sine waves, waiting for the receptive to bring these visions back to life, and to add interpretations and further layers and levels.

    That’s why this kind of writing is essential. Like a finger pointing at the moon, some of us feel compelled to point out what is out there. I view it as a public service, and i applaud yr efforts. Looking forward to reading further!
    cheers, forestpunk

    • Thank you for the kind and insightful words. I seek nothing more than the chance to spark someone else’s journey. Music informs me, moved me, makes me wake and say, who released something today that will change how I listen to music. A very personal journey, but one I want everyone to partake in. Music is life. Will search your words, too. Again, thank you.

      • we’re all in this together, and i personally feel that it is the path to a more satisfying life, a kinder world. Its all about attention, appreciation, and ultimately enjoying yr own life. Happiness and contentment spread, and sometimes you realize that you haven’t been depressed in 6 months. It works on you gradually. We all need a purpose in life, a direction (and also to be able to tolerate directionlessness). Looking forward to checking out a bunch of the music you’ve written about, as well as some of yr own sounds. Keep fighting the good fight! -fp

      • Cheers. Was just scrolling through your page. Very inspiring. Looking forward to reading and gaining knowledge. It takes a world to change the world. One post at a time. One download at a time.

  2. Hello. I’ve recently discovered Sounds From The Outer Edges and find it has great resonance with me – I’ve struggled with depression myself and found writing music an immensely cathartic and beneficial experience. Have you got an email I can contact you on please?

    • Rick,
      Thank you for the support. I rarely give out an email address to anyone I don’t know but I can be contacted through this blog or through my soundcloud page. I make “music” under the name would-be messiahs. While it may not be your cup of tea, it will give you an idea of what my sounds are like. I also do mixes on Mixcloud as johnny nowhere. A link is at the bottom of most of my blog posts. Please feel free to give a listen and let me know what you think. I am open to collaboration in most cases, although frequently my music is too extreme for most ears. If you have any public music pages, please let me know. I’d love to hear what you create to fight the blackness with and am always looking for music to highlight, especially creative commons releases. Again, thanks for the support and I look forward to talking more about music.

  3. Evening John – excuse the email request but I’m new to blogs and didn’t realise you could actually communicate on them – I’m very old-fashioned, but I’m in the picture now. I’ve had a listen to your ‘music’ and it’s unusual, I’ll give you that, and reminded me a bit of Fuck Buttons in places, hard going but strangely enjoyable. Anyway, here’s my stuff – one lot is the more mournful, melancholy side of my head going funny (http://musicforvoyeurs.co.uk/the-long-sleep/the-long-sleep-home.html), the other is the more chaotic part when the medication gets involved (http://www.iamamanwithasttropeztan.co.uk/jag/just-a-ghost-home.html). Funny you mention collaboration – I’ve just done my first for an EP on one of your favourite labels – Everything Is Chemical. http://eicvirtual7inch.bandcamp.com/album/eicv7-no-50 (there’s a bit more about me in the usual question and answer place on the website). I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

    • Nice. I will listen later this evening. I’m not adverse to emailing, just blogs get hit with so much spam and trolling. Actually I’m johnny.nowhere@gmail.com. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Did get a second to look at your voyeurs site. Very interested in listening. Starting to emerge from another crippling bout of depression so hope to have new sounds/words up soon. Til then have been focusing on photography. Links to most of my stuff can be found on my Mixcloud site. Send me an email and I’ll have listened to your sounds. Cheers and stay strong.

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